My wedding website is online. And it’s built entirely on Posterous.

Kate and I are getting married in September, so we needed a wedding website. Wedding website creation services are a disaster. Most seem like they were built 5 years ago and never updated.

I decided to run our entire site on Posterous. It’s an easy way to have a fully customizable site that both Kate and I can update. Kate designed all the graphics and icons, and Posterous theme designer Cory Watilo created the website and Posterous theme. Thanks, Cory!

There are two main components to our site that make it stand out:

1. There’s a blog. But here’s the cool part: I added all our wedding guests as subscribers to the blog. So when we post updates about the wedding, hotel, or flights, all our guests will get that information automatically by email. Most people don’t check websites or RSS feeds.

2. Our guestbook is a “post by moderation” Posterous site. That means anyone can post photos and video by emailing Our guests can update it now, live during the wedding, and they can send their photos there after the event.

We had to “hack” a couple things to make this work, like use tags to create static pages. But for the most part, this is a Posterous site anyone can build. Maybe we should go after this market :).

Check out the site, let me know what you think!


Photos from Chris and Connie’s wedding


A really incredible wedding in Huntington Beach, CA on July 4th weekend. Beautiful ceremony overlooking the ocean, and then a super fun reception. It was a great gathering of many old friends from Stanford. Congratulations, Chris and Connie!
Somehow I’m actually in a lot of these photos (which is rare). Eric had my camera for much of the night, and others as well I think.