WebOS Is Better Than Android via @techcrunch

The TouchPad is a fine device. The platform is more consumer friendly and operational in a tablet than Android right now and it has the pleasing user experience of webOS. We have never had any issues with webOS. We just couldn’t recommend it over the iPad. John’s official review of the TouchPad states, “WebOS and the Palm TouchPad are nearly perfect, an excellent amalgamation of everything that was ever right about Palm. But is even perfection, in this market, enough? Without a strong app base and some work on performance issues, the TouchPad may be the most beautiful dead-end we have seen yet.” Yep, that properly describes the TouchPad: a beautiful dead-end.

Some of Android’s faithful saw the TouchPad fire sale as an extraordinary opportunity. Here’s a dual-core tablet with an amazing 10-inch screen for only $100. Let’s all buy it and then put Android on it, they said. Great, but you, as curious onlooker not exactly sure how to flash a device or rebuild a kernel are better off with the stock webOS.

The out of the box experience of WebOS is incredible. In many ways, WebOS is what the Mac was 20 years ago: a better user experience, but a product no one is buying.

If Apple is the new Microsoft (but with a better product!), WebOS is the new Mac. And Android is Linux. It’s the hacker’s OS. It’s for people who want to tinker, people who enjoy installing plugins and patches. It’s for users who recompile their kernel for fun.

That doesn’t excite me.

I love using a stock OS that just works. I love knowing that apps work reliably, that updates install safely, and I love products that work well for me, and for my mom. Tinkering and debugging are a waste of my time.

WebOS is by far a better experience and better platform than Android (Android fanboy opinions aside). It’s really unfortunate they didn’t keep the fight going.