Task Rabbit

Idea: create a platform for services like Postmates and Shyp

I wonder if someone could build a platform that powers services like Postmates, Task Rabbit, and Shyp. These apps have a ton in common, and instead of rebuilding features every time they could leverage a common framework. This would offer things like:

  1. Connect users with couriers intelligently based on location, mode of transportation, etc
  2. Gives realtime status updates
  3. Bill the user, pays the courier, handle the entire payment transaction
  4. Handle ratings of the couriers, users, and service

Basically a developer could “level up” and focus on their core differentiator. It would let people rapidly ship and test ideas such as Prim and Cherry without reinventing the wheel each time.

There’s something here that reminds me of Amazon: they started out by selling books, but then became a platform for anyone to sell anything, and for anyone to compute anything.