Photos: Posterous in Austin, SXSW 2009

Day 1: Hanging out with our friends @fliggo and @dcurtis. Partying at Purevolume. Late night food at Magnolia Cafe with @cesart


Day 2: Keynote by Tony Hsieh. Drinks at Madison (great bar). A crashed Microsoft Surface. Music at the Fliggo party.


Day 3: BBQ at The Salt Lick thanks to


Tumblr party.


Day 4: Wired party with great drinks and great food. Awesome Rackspace party.


We went straight from partying to an empty airport at 4am to catch an early (or is it late?) flight back home.


Ten Out of Tenn perform at the Fliggo party, Speakeasy – Austin, SXSW 2009

Austin is known for its music. I was there a few years back for Austin City Limits and had a blast. We didn’t see a ton of live music at SXSW (we were there for the dork interactive portion), but we were lucky to catch Ten Out of Tenn at the Speakeasy. “Ten Out of Tenn” is a compilation of Nashville singer/songwriters. They tour together and share a band, and play backup for each other. Great idea.

Below are Erin McCarley, K.S. Rhoads, and Katie Herzig. These were all shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200 F4 IS. These are all straight from the camera, posted to Vimeo HD, click full screen to view them large.

This is probably the best web video possible today, but wow, it’s nowhere near as sharp as the original files or even Apple movie trailers. You can see the pixelation especially in the third video. Flash video sucks.

My lemonade stand story

At SXSW I had the privilege to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk give one of the unofficial keynote addresses. SXSW is not an event you go to for the conference, but for the parties and networking. However, Gary’s talk was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. It was very motivational, and cut through all the crap of entrepreneurship.

One point that really struck me was the idea to be who you are, and not lie to yourself. Gary said a lot of people don’t like his loud, energetic personality. “If I was chilled just a quarter of a percent more, I would be more appealing to people.” But that’s who he is and he loves being who he is.

I’ve always been a person who takes strong stances on things, and I’m not afraid to disagree with the masses. I’m not saying I’m always right, I’m often wrong. But I always take pride in making my own decisions and standing by my views. I know I might rub people the wrong way when I do or say certain things, but that’s who I am and I won’t change for them. But I will listen to them, understand them, and try to win them over.

Gary was a successful businessman even as a kid. He started with lemonade stands, and then moved on to baseball cards and other things. Growing up, I know I was always scheming for ways to make money. Here’s one of my earlier memories.


When I was in fifth grade, I started delivering the local newspaper, The Daily Breeze. It was old school paperboy style, on my bike, throwing them as I rode. But I was actually pretty disappointed with how little it paid. The real money was in getting new subscribers. So I would go door to door getting people to sign up.

Turns out I got a pretty hefty chunk of money for each new subscriber I got, so eventually I figured I could give a cut of my bounty to the subscribers to incentivize them to sign up. But eventually I ran out of doors to knock on (I was 10, i couldn’t go too far!).

The newspaper increased the bonus for a new subscriber to something like $50 each, and it only cost $5/month to subscribe. So I opened up the white pages, and cold called people, offering free subscriptions for 2 months. There were some embarrassing moments (asked for someone who was deceased), but I learned and got better.

I could close someone in 2 minutes, and I had all their info from the phone book. I paid for 2 months service out of my pocket (didn’t even tell the newspaper rep i was doing this), and collected a giant check at the end of each month.

The actual newspaper delivery part of the job sucked, but I had to do to be allowed to sell subscriptions. I made quite a bit of money doing that, probably spent it on a 9600 baud modem and basketball cards :).

My most recent large scale business endeavor was when I found a great deal on Macs and sold them on eBay. I risked over $50k on my credit cards, but ended up making almost $20k in just three weeks. That’s a story for another time. šŸ™‚

Being back in San Francisco means internet is fast again. Farewell #sxsw

The wifi at SXSW was so slow it made you want to pull your hair out. And AT&T completely failed when tons of iPhones entered Austin, they had to tweak their towers to get more throughput. The only thing that saved us was having Sprint 3G cards to fall back on.

 Now back in San Francisco, this is what I’m getting at home. It’s niiiice šŸ™‚


Posterous will be at SXSW

I resisted going for the longest time, but at the end of the day, it totally makes sense for us to be there. We should go, it’s the right thing for the company. We’ll probably meet some great people, get some new users.
The main reason why I didn’t want to go? I don’t think I can stand to be away from Kate for that long. Austin will be fun (I had a *great* time there for ACL years back) but I’d actually rather be in San Francisco with Kate.
The saving factor is Tim Kane will also be there, and it will be great seeing him and hanging out. I just wish this conference was a weekday thing. Why do I have to sacrifice my weekend? Oh well.
Anyone else going to SXSW? Comment here. Let’s meet up!