Having calorie counts on fast-food menus will hurt Starbucks more than anyone else

A new study says that calorie counts on fast-food menus aren’t likely to push customers toward healthier options, according to Time. Why didn’t they work? Well, one theory ā€” our favorite, easily ā€” is that just by walking into a fast-food restaurant people have already basically given up on the idea of healthy eating, so, calorie counts, are, like, eh, whatevs.

First of all, I’m a *huge* fan of having calorie counts on menus. They had this in New York when I lived there and I found it did make a difference in what I ate.

For the general population, I agree with this post. Once you’ve entered a McDonald’s, you’ve already decided to load up on fat, salt, and calories. Nothing you read or see will make you change your mind.

But I think Starbucks has a lot to lose here. I use to walk into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee (~5 calories) and walk out with a fat-free muffin on the side. Or sometimes a mocha.

No more. Once you see the calorie counts on those guys, it’s hard to order them unless that’s what you walked in for.

I’ll take my regular coffee please, black.

The giant Starbucks in Astor Place is closing. In my old New York neighborhood

I lived in New York for the best years that city ever had. The economy was booming and there was more life and activity in New York than anywhere else in the world. I totally lived it up, ate everywhere, drank everywhere, saw everything. I never passed on a chance to experience any corner of that town.
As soon as I left, it started falling apart. The economy collapsed, and given New York is the financial center of the country, it was hit harder than anyplace else. I’m really glad I don’t have to be there to see all this happening around me. I have such great memories of New York, and that’s how I’ll always remember it.
I lived just a few blocks from this Starbucks, gave them a ton of my money, spent many hours coding there. It probably appears in over 100 photos I’ve taken. Here is one of my favorites.