We got offices in North Beach. I guess we’re not cool enough to be in SOMA. I sound like one of the new Microsoft ads

We’ve looked at a lot of office space in the past few weeks. Locations fell into 3 buckets:

1. SOMA. SOMA (south of market) is where all the cool, new web 2.0 companies are based. Twitter is there, and a whole slew of Y Combinator startups. Places we saw were generally awkward or expensive. People are sharing space with lots of companies, many guys all piled into small rooms.

But I don’t get the appeal. There’s nothing around there. The food SUCKS. It’s like, the place to be because it’s “cool” but really, there are better places. Everyone is quoting “$1 per square foot!” but when you actually find space, it’s a lot more expensive than that.

Believe me, i’m not going to overpay just so I can be a little closer to Twitter HQ.

2. Financial District. We saw some REALLY sweet spaces around Union Square. Places have been empty for a while and people are willing to negotiate on rent pretty liberally. Unfortunately places were just a little too large and too expensive for what we need. But in a year, I can totally see us growing into an office there. And there’s good food to eat!

3. North Beach. It’s a little more out of the way from transportation like Bart. But it’s a beautiful neighborhood with LOTS of great food. And since we have a connection with a building owner there (my girlfriend, Kate, works in a building with openings), we got a sweet deal on a space that’s the perfect size for us.

So we’ll be in North Beach starting August 1st. I’m really looking forward to setting up the office, in particular building a kegerator. I’ve wanted my own kegerator ever since I started drinking (good) beer. When I learned Brett shares the same love, we decided this is a must for Posterous HQ. Not that North Beach is lacking in great bars…

Coco500 in soma

Really great dinner. Duck liver terrine was amazing. Good cocktails. My lamb was tough, but they didn’t charge me for it so that was nice. Afterwards I got the chance to drive my Miata for the first time in months. Spun that car around SOMA like you wouldn’t believe. That car is sick. I miss it so much. You can slide it around any roads anywhere, so amazing.


Valentine’s Day dinner


Kate and I had a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner at Oola right around the corner from us here in SOMA. We got the private, curtained off table upstairs and had an amazing feast. I highly recommend this restaurant.


It was a pretty busy week of eating out. We also went to:

Just For You – Amazing brunch
Fringale – Great french food
Andalu – Creative tapas. Similar to The Stanton Social in New York. Love this place.