San Francisco

New French grocery store spells trouble for my diet


This amazing new French specialty store just opened ONE block away from my house. This is going to be a problem.

The cheese room is amazing. I got one of the stinkiest cheeses they have (I haven’t tried it yet, I’m excited).

Kate and I are going to be here way too often.

It’s called Gourmet & More, on Gough near Page. Hayes Valley is blowing up. I still need to try the new beer garden.

Photos from Christmas and New Years Eve. Kate and I celebrated the New Year in our new home in Hayes Valley


(Christmas photo credit to Pat Prucnal)

Kate and I bought a house! We were expecting to close on December 11 but things got delayed. Banks have swung from being stupid and lending to everyone, to being stupid and lending to no one. So we had to deal with their diligence bullshit while they confirmed that we are responsible people. There was much more to it, but we’ll leave it at that.

Two weeks late, we closed on our Hayes Valley condo on December 24, 2009. We were already in route to Buffalo when we took ownership, but it was great to know we were homeowners as we celebrated the holidays with Kate’s family. We returned to San Francisco on December 29, just in time to move in and ring in the new year.

Some photos of our new place (with a few shots from the listing since we’re still decorating):


The place is unique. It’s part of a new condo construction, finished in 2008. But our unit is actually a 1908 Stable house. The building was completely gutted and rebuilt, but retains its original facade and windows.


Many thanks to our agent, Virginia Thackwell, who was simply amazing through the whole process. I rarely work with people who are so detail oriented and dependable. If you are looking for a place, contact Virginia!

Photos from the 2009 Crunchies. Like last year, the after party was great.

Posterous didn’t win, but we didn’t expect to, going up against great products like Dropbox and Yelp.

We went for the after party, at City Hall. Free cocktails by Grey Goose, good food (lamb burger sliders!), terrible wine… Kate saw the Crunchies ice sculpture and now she wants one at our wedding (I always wanted one, of course).


Kate and I celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Michael Mina


Dinner was great. All the food was unique and delicious. The service was pretty much perfect. The servers were young yet professional. We asked questions about the menu and they commented how “most people don’t know what that is, and don’t ask.” They were happy to explain.

The drinks were mediocre, especially sad since they were $15 each. We wanted wine with dinner but the wine list is ridiculously long and expensive. The server recommended the Michael Mina house cab which was excellent.

There is only a three course pre fixe menu. Each course we got actually consisted of a plate with 3 small tastings on it. I liked the format a lot, we were able to try a lot of different foods.

The bar room has a good looking menu, but it’s a very uncomfortable seating situation and i’ll never eat there.

Summary: I will be back. But you won’t find me here as frequently as you will at Gary Danko. I think Danko is as good, though slightly less experimental. Danko is also about 30% less cash. You can pretty much walk into Michael Mina without a reservation, which is a huge plus when you get a last minute craving for a nice meal.

Tsunami in SOMA is amazing. Great sushi. Delicious rolls. Best drinks in the city. I’m not joking

I don’t know why this place doesn’t get more credit. We’ve been about a dozen times, it’s soooo good.

  • Incredible, interesting appetizers. Tuna Carpaccio with truffle oil is a must! 
  • Some of the best fish I’ve ever had. The salmon and tuni will simply melt in your mouth. Great for people who have lost their teeth! 
  • Awesome rolls. They’ve figured out how to mix ingredients like asparagus, avocado, and sauces to make good flavors 
  • The best drinks in the city. Their menu is split between “Gin drinks” and “non gin drinks”. Kate loves this 
  • The “Tsunami old fashioned” is the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had. The Basil Gimlet is the best Kate’s ever had 
  • The dude next to us was like “I like beer”, the bartender said they have Hitachino. Awesome. That’s the only good Japanese beer 
  • The same dude said, naw, how about mixing something with vodka? The bartender said they focus on gin. Awesome. Vodka is disgusting. And I respect a place that takes their menu/tastes seriously enough to tell someone they can’t give him what he wants 
  • We got free dessert sake last time 

We’ve been here many times and always leave so impressed and happy. You really need to check this place out. I know @tomloverro loves this place too 🙂