Laser printers are great

When I got my first computer back in 1993 (yeah, I was late to the game), I also got a laser printer. The Apple Laserwriter Select 300:


Since my cousin worked at Apple at the time, I got it with a pretty sweet discount. What a beast. It weighed a ton.

Once that printer fell apart (I think it served us well for many years), we started using the inkjets that are so popular today. Especially now that you get a free inkjet printer with a new computer purchase, it was hard to justify buying anything else.

But man, those things use so much ink! I felt like every few months I would run out of some color and was forced to buy a whole new set of ink cartridges. What a scam.

So I bit the bullet and purchased the Samsung ML1630 laser printer. This guy is small, black, sleek, quiet, and designed incredibly well. And best of all, like all other laser printers, the toner cartridges last for thousands of pages, not hundreds. It’s really a great value in the long run.


Printing is faster, quieter, and the results are great. I’m never buying an inkjet again.

New 30" Apple Cinema Display

It was a sad day in May when I had to return my 30″ and 23″ monitors to Apple. It’s a proven fact that productivity goes up significantly with larger screens. I’d say my productivity over the summer was low, but it wasn’t: we just worked more hours to make up for it.

Last week I went to Best Buy and bought a 24″ Samsung display. What a piece of crap. Within a few minutes of use I was ready to throw it out the window (well, take it back). The viewing angle was terrible, and the colors were all washed out. I was expected to install software and calibrate the damn thing. Screw that.

There is a reason why Apple monitors cost more. They use completely different panels and are fundamentally better screens.

Here’s my new 30″ which I set up yesterday: