At your next party, use iTunes DJ to let *your guests* pick what music is played and vote on the next song

My friend, Al, is responsible for the Remote app [iTunes link] on the iPhone. It’s a great tool that allows you to control the music on your Mac or Apple TV using your iPhone.
The latest version added some really great features that aren’t advertised very well. First of all, you can control your Apple TV using your iPhone using swipes and gestures. It’s pretty neat, but the Apple TV hasn’t gained enough traction for this feature to get noticed.
But one feature that deserves a lot of attention is iTunes DJ.


  • Lets say you are having a party. Just select a song in iTunes and choose “iTunes DJ”. This will create a new playlist around that song automatically 
  • Anyone at your party with an iPhone can launch Remote, connect to your iTunes, and see what’s being played 
  • Your friends can click “Request song” to browse *your* music selection and add songs to the playlist 
  • They can also vote on songs in the list. The song with the most vote gets played next


Al is a DJ on the side and has always been interested in bringing a better DJ experience to bars and clubs.
This is the future of the juke box. The democratization of music wherever you are.

I love Apple’s product integration

Earlier today I was listening to music on my Apple Hifi in the living room. The music was streaming wirelessly from my Macbook Pro in my bedroom via Airtunes to my Airport Express which is connected to the HiFi. I purchased the music from the iTunes music store. And I was controlling it from my couch on my iPhone using the Remote application that my friend Al wrote. And it all works flawlessly.

And from Engadget, “According to Jason Snell from Macworld, you can use your iPhone earbud button to control iTunes (pause / play, back and forward), and the microphone can be used as a… microphone.” (on the new macbook pro/macbook)

Amazing. I love Apple. They are so smart!