The best legal team in the business

I was walking back from my haircut this afternoon and passed the Orrick offices in SOMA.


On the Orrick website, I saw that the 4 lawyers we have been working most closely with have degrees from Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Hastings, UCLA, Berkeley, UPenn and Columbia. Quite a list. We even have a former Cupertino mayor in the mix.
People usually dread working with lawyers, but i’ve really enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with ours. I highly recommend them. Don’t mess with Posterous!

Posterous now has a really amazing bookmarklet

The Posterous bookmarklet is a special bookmark that lets you quickly grab content out of the page you’re on.

Click here to install it and start posting right away.


Yesterday we released a bookmarklet to make it easy to share content you find online. In a single step, the bookmarklet will find the best content on the page you are on (embedded media or images), and post it to your site.

A bookmarklet is the *best* companion to post by email which Posterous has been focussing on. It’s interesting to think about why we did it before web uploading, something that seems like the most basic feature everyone else has.

When we started Posterous, the goal was to make it as easy to post as possible. People start blogs and never post to them. It’s a chore. Email makes sense because you are already in email throughout your day. You have it at work, and on your iPhone. And it’s integrated in all the apps you already use. It’s the best way to share fresh thoughts and your media.

But say you want to share something you see on the web? Use the bookmarklet! No need to copy and paste, or grab embed code (what’s that?) or even think about it for 2 seconds. No need to open a new window even. Just click and post. That’s how I created this post.

Instead of defining new behavior to post to a blog, Posterous incorporates itself in what you do constantly everyday (admit it, you surf the web and read email all day at work šŸ™‚ ). We’ll add web uploading eventually, but it’s just not as interesting as these other workflows. Even an iPhone app seems more interesting than yet another web uploader.

Enjoy the bookmarklet and post more! is NOT in beta

Garry and I have been in a lot of meetings recently talking about Posterous. Most of the time, the people we are talking to have used the product and know what we’re working on. Sometimes they haven’t. And a couple of those people asked us if we are “in beta.”

Fuck no. “Beta” is just an excuse to release buggy software and not have to take responsibility for it. is NOT in beta. We write the highest quality code we can, and if shit breaks, we take responsibility and fix it.

While I do think there are certain reasons to do beta releases of software, I don’t believe in mass distribution of software in “beta” quality. I really hope we never have to do that for Posterous, or anything else I work on.

Autopost to everything. Why we did it.

Yesterday we released possibly the coolest Posterous feature so far: we’ll post your emails to all the other blogging services on the web, after doing our usual image scaling and other attachment processing.

The response to our release has been phenomenal. But there’s also been some interesting discussion around the web as to why this feature is useful. Why would I want all my content duplicated around the internet?

The first two autoposting sites we unveiled were Twitter and Flickr. These made sense because people use them alongside their blogs. Even with a personal blog, you want your photos in your photostream, and you want people following your twitter to know your updates.

So why post to other blogs? Because we understand that there are millions of people out there who already have blogs on other services. We can’t expect you to drop your existing blog and switch to Posterous overnight. You have loyal readers on your blog; you have built a community there.

But we think the value Posterous adds to blogging is huge, and we think everyone would LOVE to post photos and other attachments by email. Why take all the work we’ve done and limit it to users?

So now we let everyone blog using Posterous. We hope this means users will blog more often, even if their primary site is not with us. But we also hope people will recognize the Posterous name, and new bloggers will see we are the service that powers easy blogging everywhere.

We’re building the very best product we can, the product we would want to use ourselves. We aren’t compromising on quality anywhere. And more than anything, we want to see as many people as possible using the technology we’re working so hard on. We want to put Posterous into the hands of millions, and that’s why we’re building the features we’ve always wanted, and building the features our users have been requesting from us.

Thanks to everyone for all their help and support so far. If you have any friends who already have blogs, tell them about Posterous and our new Autoposting feature. Now no one can say “Posterous is cool, but I already have a blog.”