Oh my god. Green Day still totally rocks, 15 years later

I have grown out of many bands I loved when I was young, bands I thought I would be listening to for the rest of my life. But not Green Day. They are still one of my all time favorite bands, and I love seeing them play live.
Tuesday’s show was no exception. There were no opening bands, no filler. It was all Green Day, all night long.


They started with the new album, 21st Century Breakdown. It was good, but it’s tough listening to an album for the first time live. Then they moved backwards in time. American Idiot got the crowd warmed up, Nimrod got them excited, and of course Dookie had the entire place on their feet dancing. Green Day can do no wrong. What a show!


Seats weren’t the best (I would have preferred the floor but it sold out).


The game started out friendly. Didn’t end that way

These pictures really don’t do the situation justice, but my 5D was taken away from me so I couldn’t shoot HD video of the scene. Sorry, my dear fans.

 Two rows ahead of us (btw, the same as the camera line!!) were an older couple, say the guy was 60 and the woman was 45 (hey i’m guessing, no judgements here! maybe i’m wrong). To their side was a younger couple, say 25 or 28, Indian or middle eastern, young and partying types (wow, that makes me sound old. I’m a partying type too!).

 For most of the game they were friendly as they passed each to get to the aisle. I don’t know how it started, but the two dudes started arguing. The Indian-like guy (let’s say, the ‘brown’ guy) was a Lakers fan, the old guy was not. The brown guy (photo 6) pushed the old guy and they started brawling. Many, many people jumped in to break it up, “you can’t fight this old guy!” “What are you doing?! you are crazy!?” Clearly the brown dude was out of line.

 Some random people separated them. Then their respective women went at it! The brown woman (mostly clearly seen in picture 6 below) started yelling at the woman with the old dude. After a few words, the brown woman definitely took the first strike and off they went.

 Very unfortunate to see this sort of sportsmanship at a game, and it’s really why i stopped watching basketball years ago. The players stopped being role models (Kobe raped someone, Ron Artest beat up a fan) and it seems like the fans are no better. I still enjoy the sport, but i see how it has deteriorated to barbaric levels :(. In the end, they were hauled off, out of the arena.