North Beach

We got offices in North Beach. I guess we’re not cool enough to be in SOMA. I sound like one of the new Microsoft ads

We’ve looked at a lot of office space in the past few weeks. Locations fell into 3 buckets:

1. SOMA. SOMA (south of market) is where all the cool, new web 2.0 companies are based. Twitter is there, and a whole slew of Y Combinator startups. Places we saw were generally awkward or expensive. People are sharing space with lots of companies, many guys all piled into small rooms.

But I don’t get the appeal. There’s nothing around there. The food SUCKS. It’s like, the place to be because it’s “cool” but really, there are better places. Everyone is quoting “$1 per square foot!” but when you actually find space, it’s a lot more expensive than that.

Believe me, i’m not going to overpay just so I can be a little closer to Twitter HQ.

2. Financial District. We saw some REALLY sweet spaces around Union Square. Places have been empty for a while and people are willing to negotiate on rent pretty liberally. Unfortunately places were just a little too large and too expensive for what we need. But in a year, I can totally see us growing into an office there. And there’s good food to eat!

3. North Beach. It’s a little more out of the way from transportation like Bart. But it’s a beautiful neighborhood with LOTS of great food. And since we have a connection with a building owner there (my girlfriend, Kate, works in a building with openings), we got a sweet deal on a space that’s the perfect size for us.

So we’ll be in North Beach starting August 1st. I’m really looking forward to setting up the office, in particular building a kegerator. I’ve wanted my own kegerator ever since I started drinking (good) beer. When I learned Brett shares the same love, we decided this is a must for Posterous HQ. Not that North Beach is lacking in great bars…