Apple fucked up with iOS 6 maps. But they are NOT obsessed with Google

We all know the reason why Apple is doing these things. They’re more focused now on hurting Google than thrilling users, just like they were with Microsoft in the 90s.

It sucks. And it’s a recipe for longterm failure.

They say that those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

The history that Apple is repeating is its own history. It’s time to get smart, bury the hatchet, make peace with Google and start putting users first again.

Disagree. Google is obsessed with Apple. They are building phones, tablets, laptops, music stores, and other products that THEY SUCK AT.

Google still makes its money on two products: search and ads. That’s it. All their other products are, frankly, underwhelming.

Yes, Apple messed up with the new maps. It’s not a typical Apple quality product. But I therefore assume it happened because they were forced to do it.

Apple probably had a five year license for Google Maps and Youtube apps. The original iphone was released in 2007. That means it was up.

Upon renewal of this agreement, Google could have demanded some insane fees. Maybe Google tried to force Apple to preinstall other Google apps. Maybe they tried to make Apple sign an exclusive on their search engine for 10 more years.

We don’t know the details. But Apple has always focused on building products that are best in class. They have never built something out of obsession, or even something for the sake of filling a feature matrix.

I think there are forces here we don’t know about, which required an early ship date for iOS 6 Maps. Too early. But I see no evidence of a Google obsession. If Apple ever builds a search engine: that’s another story.