Little Owl

A great night in New York City

This is what living in New York City is all about. Last Thursday Kate and I had a wonderful dinner at The Little Owl, and drinks at Employees Only, both in the West Village.

We had to wait longer than expected for a table at The Little Owl, so the manager let us sit on this elevated seating area and gave us free wine (normally $16 per glass!) Yum. For appetizer we got the sliders and a cheese plate. So damn good. These are the best sliders in the whole world. Made of beef, pork, veal and pecorino. So soft and tender. Amazing.

For our main courses, Kate got halibut and I got the pork chop. I always get the pork chop. It’s crazy good. And then dessert, of course. Chocolate cake. Hmmmm.

I’m now convinced that Employees Only has the best drinks in the city. Better than Milk & Honey, better than Death and Company, better than Angel’s Share. The drinks at EO are very well mixed, large, and delicious. I got the “billionaire cocktail” which is a variation on a Manhattan. Wonderful. But at $15 per drink, they are also the most expensive.


Two other stops on our West Village adventure. First is the Path station on Christopher street where I left Kate after our first date (she lived in Hoboken at the time). It is the sight of our first kiss.

Second is the Caliente Cab we stopped at on our first date. What a crappy place, we didn’t even stay for a drink.


Awesome food coma

The last couple of weeks have been AWESOME.

Kate took me to Allen and Delancey for my birthday. Beautifulrestaurant, great food. We also went to my favorite Italianrestaurants, In Vino and Bonafides. Kate says it’s the best italianshe’s had outside of Italy. I love those places.

Last week we got a cheese plate from Nolita House for dinner. Wow.I LOVE CHEESE. We had 5 different kinds, they were all amazing.Friday night we went to Rue B, which is one of our favorite bars.They actually have great sandwiches. Saturday we went to Virage.

Then Saturday night. Oh boy. Kate’s favorite restaurant, Mojito,in Clinton Hill. It’s crazy good, and cheap. Delicious mojitos ofcourse. When you walk in you get awesome toasted bread and garlicspreads. We got empanadas with guava and cheese. Avocado salad. Igot chicken, rice and beans. Kate got a veggie sandwich. Then theybrought out a giant flaming Tres Leches cake for her birthday.

Sunday night we went to Little Owl, one of my favorites. We gotthe gravy meatball sliders as an appetizer, and more fancy cheese.Yay, cheese. I got the pork chop, Kate got the chicken. We hadraspberry beignets with nutella for dessert.

Unbelievable. This city knows how to eat. I highly recommend allthese places. Especially Mojito….It’s a trek but it’s worth it.