Guy Kawasaki

How to Hack Together a Twitter Client using Net News Wire on a Mac – Guy Kawasaki

you can use Posterous instead which enables you to tweet multiple pictures, audio, and video. (Disclosure: I am an investor in Posterous.)

Since I got into Twitter, I’ve been fascinated by how there are so many desktop twitter clients being developed.

In the year 2009, it seems like making everything web based is the way to go. I’ve never really agreed with this, but that’s what everyone is doing.

Except twitter. Somewhere, someone realized that twitter was better as an app on the desktop. Which is funny. Because if Adobe can try to put photoshop on the web, why can’t there be amazing twitter clients on the web?

But i’m not complaining. A native app (Tweetie) does give a better experience.

At one point, I was using RSS feeds to read my twitter stream. Not anymore, but it’s an interesting way to go…

How to Change the World: The Kick-Ass Audi Q7 TDI

I’m a huge fan of Audis. I’m a huge fan of diesel cars. Check out Guys Kawasaki’s review of the Audi Q7. Seems like a car I would consider buying if I was looking for an SUV.

Gorgeous design, and nice touches like the dual sun shades, huge sunroof, popup front speakers, blind spot monitor light, and more. Go Audi!