Hey Twitter, buy Embedly

Embedly totally rules. The service takes a URL pointing to another site, and returns some embeddable content. This has completely transformed my Twitter experience. When I go to a tweet page, I would normally see this:


It’s the tweet, 140 characters or fewer, and a link to additional content.

But thanks to the Embedly extension for Safari, I now see this:


Embedly saw the url in the tweet, went out to that site and brought the content right into Twitter.

This makes surfing Twitter.com a million times better. Most great content on Twitter is a URL pointing to another site (you can’t really get much into 140 characters). Instead of constantly being taken away from Twitter to see this content, I can now see it inline.

If I don’t want to be distracted by a long article, I can click a link to add that post to Instapaper. Awesome.

Some might argue that this takes page views away from those sites. That might be true, but I’d optimize for engagement over page views any day. I want to enhance the end user experience. Posterous might lose a page view, but the whole world wins a little.

I have spent way more time on Twitter.com since installing this extension. For the first time, I prefer the website over the native apps. The experience is much, much better. It almost feels like Twitter itself is more powerful, not restricted to 140 character posts.

Twitter should buy Embedly and make this experience universal across their entire platform.

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p.s. Yes, we’re working on supporting Embedly within Posterous :).