Beyond the Pudding, a Mystery – New York Times

But there has always been something strange about the business on Spring Street. It seems too beautiful, too expensive an operation, given that it sells only coffee and 20 flavors of rice pudding. Beyond that beauty — the serving case with specially designed pudding bowls, the oval glass entryway sculptured like a grain of rice, the quirky flavors like Stubborn Banana and No Guts, No Carrot Cake — lies a tight-lipped tale.


Rice to Riches was one of my favorite dessert spots in New York. Not just for the pudding and coffee, but the overall experience of the store. It was incredibly well done, and I’m as surprised as any that it was fabricated to launder money. I guess if you need a way to clean up some money, might as well build something delicious along the way.

Thanks to my old Apple co worker, old New York neighbor, Paul, for the link