Another successful Costco trip

Avi, Kate and I made another Costco run on Saturday to restock the fridge and eat some free samples. We got the usual stuff: chicken, salmon, sandwich turkey, cheddar cheese, spices…

We also stocked up on office supplies. 500 envelopes for $6 ($24 at Staples!), a dozen uni-ball pens for $10 ($26 at Staples??), and I got one of those cool spring loaded staplers (I’ve been doing tons of paperwork, my dinky stapler jams way too much). It’s very impressive. So far it’s stapled through every stack of papers I’ve shoved at it with no trouble at all.

We also got some Laughing Cow light cheese. Sounds terrible, but Kate claims they’re actually pretty good. They were 4 for $8, normally $3.50 each. We split a container of strawberries with Avi. They were some of the largest, most delicious strawberries I’ve ever had. We ate them all in just a couple days. We should have kept the whole box. We also split a 2 pack of Pirates Booty cheese puffs. Our bag is already finished. Need to get more of that stuff šŸ™‚

It’s always great coming home from Costco with delicious new foods to try. And you always know that if you don’t like something, just take it back. No questions asked. The friendly cashier questioned Avi’s purchase of gefilte fish and assured him he could bring them back anytime he wanted.


How much of this can I fit in my car? I love costco


There were a couple times at Costco when Kate asked, “Is that the price for the whole thing?” Yes, it is that cheap. We skipped buying a couple things because we thought to get them at Safeway. Turned out we could have bought them at Costco for *less* money, used as much as we wanted, and thrown out the rest. Not that we would waste, but damn, Costco is cheap.

Pano from rockridge bart

Beautiful sf sunset to the left. Mountains to the right.

 On a side note, we stopped at the rockridge trader joes. Not impressed at all. We struggled to find 5 things to buy. Selection is very limited

 What we did find was high quality and reasonably priced (cheese, frozen burritos, pizza dough). But it’s nothing like what you can get at costco. I just don’t get the appeal of joes anymore.


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Safeway, Costco, and Guacamole

Happy New Year, everyone! Kate and I spent the day relaxing at home, and then did some shopping. We decided to do a fairly large Safeway run, so we drove the Potrero Hill location. That Safeway is great! It’s beautiful and spacious. I really don’t like the Safeway near us in SOMA. I end up going to Whole Foods more because of that (I like my stores to be clean and organized).
While at Safeway I found the Wholly Guacamole in the dips section. We were introduced to this guacamole at Garry’s place a couple weeks back. Really great guacamole (especially considering it’s prepackaged). I wasn’t looking to buy any today because I picked some up from Costco last week, but I was interested in comparing prices.
When I bought it from Costco, I didn’t even look at the price. I trust Costco to have the best deals on everything. When i saw the price at Safeway (almost $6 for the box!) I was floored. Expensive! So I got home and looked up how much I spent on this at Costco.
Safeway: $5.79 for two 7 ounce pouches. $0.41 per ounce
Costco: $8.65 for three 16 ounce containers. $0.18 per ounce
So Costco was *less than half* the price. And the Safeway boxes were these pouches you had the squeeze the guac out of. The Costco boxes were containers, like tupperware. You could serve the guac right in the container it came in.
If you are trying to save money this year, instead of saving pennies here and there, shop at Costco and cut your bills IN HALF. Another recent purchase: Maglite flashlight. Half the price at Costco vs Target. I love Costco. And I love guacamole.


Rocked a trip to Costco

Costco is my favorite store. Everything is super cheap and super high quality. They back everything they sell, and you can take anything back at any time. If you are trying to save money on food and other stuff, you really have to go. You will *easily* make back the $50 annual fee. If you throw a single party, you will save well over $50 just there.

 I think some people avoid Costco because they have this misconception about it being in huge bulk quantities. I think other people are just haters. It’s like I was saying before about how people didn’t join New York Health and Racquet because it seems too fancy. When in reality it’s actually *cheaper* than the other gyms, and just plain nicer.

 I guess Costco also gets some sort of an elitist stigma because of the membership fee, and because they only take Amex cards. But don’t even get me started on that. I don’t understand why anyone uses anything BUT amex cards.

 A sample is some delicious food at Costco:
Turkey and stuffing dinner, fully cooked. About $4 per dinner
Spinach and cheese Ravioli. AWESOME. $4 per dinner
Dried mangos (I think everyone who shops at Costco has these at home)
Cashews. A huge tub for like $10
Chicken tortilla soup. WOW. Yum

 Some stuff that is just super cheap:
alcohol ($21 for a 1.75L of tanqueray)
Beer (Duvel $7 per large bottle. Anchor $21 per 24 case)
Kleenex: $1.50 per large box
Fasttrak: $25 for the device, includes $35 in tolls
cleaning towels: $0.30 each (in bulk)
trash bags. 1 penny each. actually, sean and avi talked me up to the ones that were 2 pennies each but had a draw string

 And besides that, I would buy any kitchenware from them blindly. Pots and pans, knives, appliances. You need, go to costco and buy it.

 I went with Sean and Avi today and we spent about $450 together. It was actually great going together because we would see stuff and then split it between us. I’ll be making regular trips to Costco now that it’s less than a mile from me. If you want to join me anytime, let me know!