New French grocery store spells trouble for my diet


This amazing new French specialty store just opened ONE block away from my house. This is going to be a problem.

The cheese room is amazing. I got one of the stinkiest cheeses they have (I haven’t tried it yet, I’m excited).

Kate and I are going to be here way too often.

It’s called Gourmet & More, on Gough near Page. Hayes Valley is blowing up. I still need to try the new beer garden.

Another successful Costco trip

Avi, Kate and I made another Costco run on Saturday to restock the fridge and eat some free samples. We got the usual stuff: chicken, salmon, sandwich turkey, cheddar cheese, spices…

We also stocked up on office supplies. 500 envelopes for $6 ($24 at Staples!), a dozen uni-ball pens for $10 ($26 at Staples??), and I got one of those cool spring loaded staplers (I’ve been doing tons of paperwork, my dinky stapler jams way too much). It’s very impressive. So far it’s stapled through every stack of papers I’ve shoved at it with no trouble at all.

We also got some Laughing Cow light cheese. Sounds terrible, but Kate claims they’re actually pretty good. They were 4 for $8, normally $3.50 each. We split a container of strawberries with Avi. They were some of the largest, most delicious strawberries I’ve ever had. We ate them all in just a couple days. We should have kept the whole box. We also split a 2 pack of Pirates Booty cheese puffs. Our bag is already finished. Need to get more of that stuff šŸ™‚

It’s always great coming home from Costco with delicious new foods to try. And you always know that if you don’t like something, just take it back. No questions asked. The friendly cashier questioned Avi’s purchase of gefilte fish and assured him he could bring them back anytime he wanted.

Kate and Sachin in Napa

Catching up on posting some old photos. Kate and I went to Napa a couple months ago for Meena’s wedding. We did a lot of wine tasting of course. Highly recommend Black Stallion and Regusci. We had an amazing dinner at Bouchon. I had lamb, Kate had a great piece of salmon, and we had an incredible chocolate mousse. Yum!


Having fun.


We love cheese!


Awesome food coma

The last couple of weeks have been AWESOME.

Kate took me to Allen and Delancey for my birthday. Beautifulrestaurant, great food. We also went to my favorite Italianrestaurants, In Vino and Bonafides. Kate says it’s the best italianshe’s had outside of Italy. I love those places.

Last week we got a cheese plate from Nolita House for dinner. Wow.I LOVE CHEESE. We had 5 different kinds, they were all amazing.Friday night we went to Rue B, which is one of our favorite bars.They actually have great sandwiches. Saturday we went to Virage.

Then Saturday night. Oh boy. Kate’s favorite restaurant, Mojito,in Clinton Hill. It’s crazy good, and cheap. Delicious mojitos ofcourse. When you walk in you get awesome toasted bread and garlicspreads. We got empanadas with guava and cheese. Avocado salad. Igot chicken, rice and beans. Kate got a veggie sandwich. Then theybrought out a giant flaming Tres Leches cake for her birthday.

Sunday night we went to Little Owl, one of my favorites. We gotthe gravy meatball sliders as an appetizer, and more fancy cheese.Yay, cheese. I got the pork chop, Kate got the chicken. We hadraspberry beignets with nutella for dessert.

Unbelievable. This city knows how to eat. I highly recommend allthese places. Especially Mojito….It’s a trek but it’s worth it.