Browser innovation will happen. Google will drive it

I definitely ruffled some feathers with my last blog post, “The web sucks“.

The hardcore web developers are pretty upset. Those who have never developed for the iPhone, or are strong believers in standards and openness, tend to leave comments like, “you suck!” Really mature.

The more intelligent commenters seem to get my point. They do acknowledge that the web platform is innovating very slowly, and has quickly been eclipsed by native mobile apps.

I don’t know what the solution to the browser problem is. Maybe non-standardization isn’t the way to go, it’s just one option I propose.

I don’t think the web will die, but if the web platform loses any market share at all, Google stands to lose the most. That’s why I think they will lead innovation.

1. Google should drop support for IE6 across the board, most notably, in GMail. If they did this, imagine how much market share IE6 would lose, overnight! Even the slowest IT departments out there would no choice but to figure out an upgrade plan.

2. Google Chrome should release some non-standard APIs that make Google web apps really standout. You want to use GMail in all its glory? Then you have to use Chrome. Other browsers may or may not implement the APIs that Chrome creates. Developers may or may not use the Chrome only APIs to enhance their apps.

But people won’t complain about the non standard Chrome SDK because:

  1. It’s Google
  2. Google will open source it
  3. Other browsers will copy it
  4. The apps developed with it will be better than ever

And with that, a new era in browser competition and innovation will be born.