Posterous now has a really amazing bookmarklet

The Posterous bookmarklet is a special bookmark that lets you quickly grab content out of the page you’re on.

Click here to install it and start posting right away.


Yesterday we released a bookmarklet to make it easy to share content you find online. In a single step, the bookmarklet will find the best content on the page you are on (embedded media or images), and post it to your site.

A bookmarklet is the *best* companion to post by email which Posterous has been focussing on. It’s interesting to think about why we did it before web uploading, something that seems like the most basic feature everyone else has.

When we started Posterous, the goal was to make it as easy to post as possible. People start blogs and never post to them. It’s a chore. Email makes sense because you are already in email throughout your day. You have it at work, and on your iPhone. And it’s integrated in all the apps you already use. It’s the best way to share fresh thoughts and your media.

But say you want to share something you see on the web? Use the bookmarklet! No need to copy and paste, or grab embed code (what’s that?) or even think about it for 2 seconds. No need to open a new window even. Just click and post. That’s how I created this post.

Instead of defining new behavior to post to a blog, Posterous incorporates itself in what you do constantly everyday (admit it, you surf the web and read email all day at work šŸ™‚ ). We’ll add web uploading eventually, but it’s just not as interesting as these other workflows. Even an iPhone app seems more interesting than yet another web uploader.

Enjoy the bookmarklet and post more!