battery life

Something is wrong with my iPhone 3G

The battery on my iPhone sucks. It barely lasts a day. But I assumed it was because I’m using it a lot. Lots of web surfing on 3G, push email and calendars to my phone, games, iPod…I’m using the device constantly.

But something still didn’t add up. And now I have proof. Last “night” I went to bed at 6:30am with my phone fully charged. I checked the usage on my phone at 2pm this afternoon and saw this:


7.5 hours of standby…Makes sense. But nearly 6 hours of use? I was sleeping nearly that entire time! And later in the day:


So something is running on my phone that is causing the usage time to go up and the battery to drain. With very little use today it still didn’t last the day. That’s terrible. Oh, and this is with push email off. The phone also feels a little warm even when off so maybe something is running.

I guess I need to go to an Apple store and see about getting a replacement.