Does anyone use Time Machine for their backups? I’m crazy about backing up regularly, but I have trust issues

I backup my entire computer regularly. For the past few years, I’ve been using rsync which simply copies all files from my main drive to my backup drive.

I’ve thought about getting a RAID for my photos and videos, but I don’t trust it. It’s a “single” point of failure. Yes, I know what a raid is, but do I really trust that Maxtor’s RAID software is bug free? I trust 2 independent drives more.

Time Machine also requires some faith. Are my files really there if I need them? Searching on the web, this gave me a lot of confidence in Time Machine:

Another reason why I love my Mac. This weekend I needed to edit some video in a pinch. The project was going to take about 20 gigs of hard drive space but I was away from my external hard drive and only had about 10 gigs of free space on my laptop. So what did I do? I did what any Mac user would do – I deleted my entire iTunes music folder. It cleared up about 65 gigs of space, and I was able to edit the video and all was well. Then when I got back home I restored all the files with Time Machine, which had automatically backed everything up. That’s how badass I am.

So, anyone else trust Time Machine to backup their files? Any issues or bad experiences?

SuperDuper! The way to backup your Mac

Forget about Time Machine, use Super Duper!

I backup religiously (every week or so) and just use command line rsync. But i’m going to switch to this guy. It’s so simple.

Like Time Machine, you just point it at an external hard drive and you’re done. It backs up. Unlike Time Machine, Super Duper creates a fully bootable drive. So if your hard drive crashes, just plug in the external drive, boot from it and it’s like nothing happened! Use the external drive like your main drive. All your programs and files are there.

At your leisure get a new hard drive (hey there’s no rush, you have zero downtime). Just tell SuperDuper to copy from the external drive to the new drive. You’re instantly back in business, including all the stuff you did while you used the external as your main.

So simple, so well thought out. Backups are a must! Don’t be without one.