San Diego Wild Animal Park

Kate and I went to visit my mom in San Diego last month, and spent a day at the Wild Animal Park.

This is where the luckiest animals in the world get to live. It doesn’t feel like a zoo at all, but a large, open space preserve. Some animals live to over twice their average age in the wild. 


It was baby season so we got to see lots of cute babies. The elephants are my favorite.


And we brought home this giraffe. We call him Fatty.


Another puppy video

I had so much fun with my dad’s dog the past few days, I was very sad to see her go back home. So smart, so loyal. She never barked, she didn’t shed. He hair is silky smooth. She’s just like a little stuffed animal. Sometimes I didn’t believe she was real.
She has so much energy. She always seemed to have a smile on her face and wanted your attention more than anything in the world. We played fetch with a ping pong ball. She loved jumping on me, and biting my hand. My dad made a really great decision to get a dog. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with her.

Great trip to the San Diego Zoo


My mom lives in San Diego now, so a couple months ago Kate and I went to visit her. Of course that meant a trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Really a phenomenal place. The highlights were the pandas, polar bear, giraffes, elephants, and rhinos.
I love lions and tigers, but they rarely put on good shows at zoos. They usually just sleep all day! Then again, so do koalas, but at least you can get up close to them. I wish I could sleep all day. What a great life šŸ˜‰

Apple going away party number one

Pictures from back in May.

First of two going away parties (hey I was there for six years!) Cyndee through this party for me at The Duke of Edinburgh. It included animal balloons, plastic animals, party favors (mini film clappers), delicious vegan desserts (yes they really are great), and lots of friends. Oh, and beer. Yes, there was beer as well.