How eDreams gets the lowest prices on flights, and why you should never use them

Kate and I are planning a trip to South America in November. We’ve been booking domestic flights this week.

One flight we needed was a one way from Lima to Santiago. On Kayak it was $950 from all websites other than, where it was $550. Big difference. We booked the flight.

I looked up reviews for eDreams and they are awful. I’ve never seen a service get such bad reviews. A common complaint was that people didn’t have a reservation they thought they had. Sometimes it was because eDreams never booked it, and sometimes because eDreams cancelled it after booking.

A couple hours after booking my flight I received the confirmation. I took the confirmation number and looked it up directly on the airline’s website. What I found is that eDreams had booked a roundtrip ticket even though I had requested a one way flight.

I looked up the roundtrip ticket on Kayak and sure enough it was cheap: $500, even less than the one way route.

So eDreams hack is to book these roundtrip tickets and then cancel some legs later. I think that’s illegal.

Now that I’ve read the reviews and I know how they are hacking the system, I’d stay away from at all costs.

If you don’t do research on your purchases, you will be taken advantage of

The shower handle in my second bathroom was broken. I couldn’t adjust the temperature so I was taking really hot showers. I called a plumber. The guy looked at it for 10 seconds (literally) and quoted me $450 for the repair. He wouldn’t tell me what part was needed or any details on the repair. He wanted me to trust him.

I called a second plumber. He actually spent some time and disassembled the unit. He talked a better talk and quoted me $350. Still no details on what was broken.

He was slow to get the part he claimed I needed, so I looked up the details of the unit I had and found the installation instructions. I spent 1 hour and I fixed it myself. I didn’t buy any new parts. Nothing was broken, it was just assembled incorrectly.

I’m sure 99% of people would have paid the money.

Lesson: do research and be a savvy consumer. Whether it’s a big purchase like a house or car, or something small like a home repair, know exactly what you’re paying for and fight back if you’re not getting the answers you want.

Amazing, and only on Twitter

Photos from Kate and Sachin’s Ireland adventure

Kate and I had a wonderful time in Ireland earlier this month. Here’s a quick summary of what we did and what we loved.

  • Saturday: Landed in Dublin and explored the city
  • Sunday: Explored Dublin, Book of Kells, Guinness tour
  • Monday: Drove to Galway. Then drove to Cliffs of Moher.
  • Tuesday: Drove to Connemara
  • Wednesday: Drove to Killarney and explored the town
  • Thursday: Tour of Ring of Kerry then drove to Kilkenny
  • Friday: Explored Kilkenny
  • Saturday: Drove to Dublin airport and flew home

Overall a lot of driving but I loved it. We had a VW Golf TDI for the week. Really great car. It was my first time driving a diesel! The roads in Ireland were some of the most fun I’ve ever driven. We spent little time on the motorways, and most time on curvy and hilly regional roads. Always beautiful. We clocked about 1k kilometers!

The food in Ireland was much better than I expected. Whether we were at a nice restaurant or just a pub, everything was fresh and delicious. Between Ireland and New Zealand, I’m really starting to see that if you have fresh ingredients, you don’t need to do much to have great food. Why isn’t food in the US as fresh?

And of course we drank well. Lots and lots of beer. Basically every pub we went to had Smithwicks, Guinness, Heineken, Bud, Coors light, and Bullmers. I definitely could have used an IPA after a while (or any variety for that matter!).

We loved Ireland and hope to go back in the future so we can see the north as well.





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