I was born in London, England but grew up mostly in Torrance, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. My parents were restaurant owners, so I spent my evenings and weekends working in all aspects of the business. I was a waiter, delivery guy, and I balanced the books.

I’ve worked in tech for the past 20 years as an engineer, product manager and founder/CEO. I love to code and build delightful consumer experiences.

In 2006 I moved to New York City. That’s when I fell in love with dense urban living, public transportation, and great food.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for 13 years. I love this city which is why I’ve chosen to put down my roots here with my family, and why I’m working to help SF grow into the best city it can be.

In my spare time I enjoy food, wine, photography, traveling, and spending every single minute with my wife.