How eDreams gets the lowest prices on flights, and why you should never use them

Kate and I are planning a trip to South America in November. We’ve been booking domestic flights this week.

One flight we needed was a one way from Lima to Santiago. On Kayak it was $950 from all websites other than, where it was $550. Big difference. We booked the flight.

I looked up reviews for eDreams and they are awful. I’ve never seen a service get such bad reviews. A common complaint was that people didn’t have a reservation they thought they had. Sometimes it was because eDreams never booked it, and sometimes because eDreams cancelled it after booking.

A couple hours after booking my flight I received the confirmation. I took the confirmation number and looked it up directly on the airline’s website. What I found is that eDreams had booked a roundtrip ticket even though I had requested a one way flight.

I looked up the roundtrip ticket on Kayak and sure enough it was cheap: $500, even less than the one way route.

So eDreams hack is to book these roundtrip tickets and then cancel some legs later. I think that’s illegal.

Now that I’ve read the reviews and I know how they are hacking the system, I’d stay away from at all costs.

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