If you don’t do research on your purchases, you will be taken advantage of

The shower handle in my second bathroom was broken. I couldn’t adjust the temperature so I was taking really hot showers. I called a plumber. The guy looked at it for 10 seconds (literally) and quoted me $450 for the repair. He wouldn’t tell me what part was needed or any details on the repair. He wanted me to trust him.

I called a second plumber. He actually spent some time and disassembled the unit. He talked a better talk and quoted me $350. Still no details on what was broken.

He was slow to get the part he claimed I needed, so I looked up the details of the unit I had and found the installation instructions. I spent 1 hour and I fixed it myself. I didn’t buy any new parts. Nothing was broken, it was just assembled incorrectly.

I’m sure 99% of people would have paid the money.

Lesson: do research and be a savvy consumer. Whether it’s a big purchase like a house or car, or something small like a home repair, know exactly what you’re paying for and fight back if you’re not getting the answers you want.

One comment

  1. good job. You wont believe my shower head assembly went bad also this weekend after 3 years and i managed to get full replacement free from homedepot worth $50 haha

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