Idea: create a platform for services like Postmates and Shyp

I wonder if someone could build a platform that powers services like Postmates, Task Rabbit, and Shyp. These apps have a ton in common, and instead of rebuilding features every time they could leverage a common framework. This would offer things like:

  1. Connect users with couriers intelligently based on location, mode of transportation, etc
  2. Gives realtime status updates
  3. Bill the user, pays the courier, handle the entire payment transaction
  4. Handle ratings of the couriers, users, and service

Basically a developer could “level up” and focus on their core differentiator. It would let people rapidly ship and test ideas such as Prim and Cherry without reinventing the wheel each time.

There’s something here that reminds me of Amazon: they started out by selling books, but then became a platform for anyone to sell anything, and for anyone to compute anything.


  1. You’re correct that there are a number of overlapping areas. Building common “blocks” for physical marketplace businesses is an idea that a number of people I’ve spoke to are thinking about/ actually working on.

    Areas include:
    – recruiting and managing the contractors/couriers (inc background screening; paying them etc)
    – mapping and routing

    The challenge I think is how big the market opportunity is. There are only a handful of potential customers and if things are priced too high, then they will just continue to build in house.

    1. I agree that market opportunity might be an issue. However, a platform like this might be able to expand the market significantly (by lowering barriers to entry into the physical marketplace “industry”), making itself more viable. At least in theory.

  2. Great insights Sachin!

    We are currently working on such a solution.
    Check out Overvyoo – (currently in stealth mode).

    Overvyoo enables any business that delivers, transports or provides services such as technicians, home repair etc. to enable pretty much what you described.
    Our vision is that in 10 years the majority of businesses around the world will be a lot more efficient, agile and productive by using our solutions.

    By using Overvyoo, the customers of those businesses will receive a text message just before the service starts heading their way and they can see its progress on a virtual map. Additionally they can see who their courier is and contact them directly.

    There are many other features to our solution, but we really enjoyed your thoughts and would be more than happy to know of any other insights you might have.

    Feel free to drop us a line to

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