My blog is now on WordPress. Why I chose this platform

As all Posterous users look for new homes for their websites and blogs, I too needed to find a location for my thoughts and photos. This was my Posterous blog, and is now it’s on

What was important to me when comparing options was:

  • A perfect migration process
  • A robust platform with the features I need, available today
  • Strong support for email, photos, and mobile
  • A platform with a strong community

After a bit of research, the decision was pretty clear. WordPress stood out as the winner among the pack. Many of the features that were so critical to me in the founding of Posterous, such as post by email, email subscriptions, comments, autopost, and magical url expansion, all exist on WordPress today.

Some of the things I’m loving:

  • The import process from Posterous is perfect. WordPress preserved my full size images, audio, video, text formatting, and other content.
  • Post by email works great. You can email a bunch of photos and get a beautiful gallery like the one in this post. It even pulls the exif data from photos. I don’t think I need Flickr anymore.
  • Strong commenting platform. Comment moderation, spam prevention through Akismet, and commenters can login using pretty much any method.
  • Analytics. I can see what traffic I’m getting on my site and other cool info, all built in. No need for Google Analytics.
  • Great themes. Definitely an area that Tumblr led for many years, but I found a bunch of themes on WordPress that I love. The engine is super flexible. I love the customizable sidebar.
  • Integrates with Twitter. Obviously very important to me. I love embedding tweets like this. You can embed anything by dropping a url in the post.
  • Subscribe by email. One of the most rare in my mind, but important. I want people (my family) to get an email when I post something. Who  actually visits blog sites or uses RSS? You can even reply to the email to leave a comment.
  • An API. Can’t emphasize how important this is. It’s a way for developers to build cool ways to get content on to your site (ie mobile apps) and also get your content out if you ever need to. Data portability is a must.
  • Great search. How can you be on the internet without search these days?
  • A ton of incredible documentation and a super strong worldwide community.
  • Cheap! For most users, it’s free. I’m paying just $13 per year because of my custom domain.

But most of all: the folks at WordPress are stellar people. They have an intense passion for what they do and the community they have built. They have been wonderful to work with over the past few months as we migrate Posterous users to their service.

Overall I’m really happy with the move. Blogging platforms have come a long way the past few years, and I’m confident WordPress will be pushing forward for years to come.


  1. @posterous @agarwal Sachin, I, too, have switched to WordPress from Posterous – very disappointed when I learned Posterous would be shutting down! – and am self-hosting my blog through my ISP. I loved the e-mail posting ability and, especially, the photo gallery creation feature of Posterous and have not discovered how to mimic this with my WP blog as you show through links in this post. Can you point me to the plugin or feature in WP? ( Thanks!

    1. Bill, i’m using (not self hosted) and it has email posting, image galleries, and other features built in

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