The first ever Posterous post

Almost six years ago, I started hacking on some Java code so I could email photos from my iPhone to my blog on Blogger. This is long before there was anything called “Posterous”.

I was just a photo blogger in New York, and I wanted to go mobile. So I started building, just for myself.

Here’s the very first post, running through the code that would later become Posterous At this point it was just me, working from my couch in NYC.

I hacked together a little code that lets me blog directly from my
iPhone, with pictures!

Stay tuned for more late night, drunk blogging. This could be a bad


What an incredible journey it has been. Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with some of the best investors in the valley, collaborated with the best founders and startups in the world, and listened to and learned from an incredible set of users.

Most importantly, I get to work with the greatest team ever. It was all the hard work by the Posterous team that made the product loved by millions. Good times and bad, they stuck through it.

Thanks to everyone for the love and support. Especially my wife, Kate. It wasn’t easy dealing with the work hours, the late night pages, and the unreal amount of stress.

The team is thrilled to be a part of Twitter, and continuing on our mission here.


  1. Loved Posterous from the day I found it for it’s easy blogging and the way it made it so easy for me to share content with other networks. For sure you were leaders in this latter area at the time. Apps like Hootsuite have since run with your idea and prospered from just aggregating and sharing content.You even found the time to exchange mails with me on queries and ideas. Amazing – Google take note!!!!!I can only wish you every success in your future ventures and thank you for the ride. I enjoyed it while it lasted.Best regards,Peter

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