A binder full of DVDs

I have a binder of over 300 of my favorite movies. But I never touch them. Because I’d rather watch them in HD from Netflix, or, for about a half dozen of them, I’ve repurchased them in HD from iTunes.

When spending money on media, you always run the risk of holding an outdated format. Today, none of our computers have an optical drive. What good are all the CDs I own?

We’re at yet another transition period. The Dark Knight Rises comes out on Tuesday and I’d love to own it. But in what format? Blu-ray offers the best quality, and is fairly cheap. But iTunes gives me a digital copy I can play on my AppleTV and iPad. Will I even own a Blu-ray player in a few years? 

Perhaps the best way around this situation is to not own anything at all. Paying a subscription fee to Netflix, Rdio, and Hulu future proofs you. It’s not as convenient (ie I can’t watch Batman on release day), but it will probably end up being cheaper in the long run.


  1. Been contemplating the same Own vs Subscribe quandary lately. The only conclusion I have come to is that I would rather own my music in digital form. I too frequently wind up on the road, in the woods, or on the water where I want to listen to music, but have no network connectivity. I can carry much more music in my phone or music player than I can carry as CDs. Video is another ball of media altogether. Most of us display completely different habits and preferences where video is concerned. (E.G., you aren’t likely to want to watch a video in the park on a sunny summer afternoon.) I haven’t yet had my Ah-Ha moment as to what my personal solution would be.

  2. What should I do with my giant binder of CDs? I can’t bear to throw them away, but I’ve long since converted them to iTunes.I really don’t like holding on to things that have no use to me, but that stupid binder of CDs is really tough to just dump in the garbage.

  3. HDX on Vudu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vudu,_Inc.#HDX_and_TruFilm). It’s the best streaming format available right now. Also, you can take in your old DVD’s and they’ll make them available to all your iOS devices and anything else that supports Vudu (Roku, PS3, Boxee, most TV’s, etc).Customer service is also epic. I had an issue once a long time ago and they not only took care of it, they gave me credit for a free movie :-)- Joseph

  4. CDs are interesting because you CAN rip them to your computer and be done with them. I ended up donating my CDs to Goodwill (other than 20 or 30 I saved for fun)

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