New Twitter

A new Twitter bird. First ever TV commercials. A brand new office. Nascar.

A lot has changed in the past week at Twitter. But this didn’t all happen in a week. This is the result of a lot of hard work by hundreds of amazing people at Twitter.

In 2011, the folks at Twitter more than doubled the number of employees in the company. They speared the Fail Whale. They unified the experience across web and mobile.

The infrastructure has been rebuilt. The foundation has been laid.

We’re off to build great things and change the world in 2012.

That’s why you should work here.



  1. Hey Sachin…I’ve been following you since the earlier days of Posterous. I’ve liked pretty much everything you’ve done, although being a like-minded Apple enthusiast is kind of like preaching to the converted. So when I read your above post it didn’t require a lot of convincing for me to click the "work here" link. Went straight to the Growing the Business positions and was disappointed that none are in Canada. Can you please create an "Account Manager (Toronto)" or an "Account Manager (Canada)" position that I can apply for? I would love this!If not, I guess I could just move to Chicago or LA. They’re not all that far. Right?@BobRodkin @MacOutlaw @Police_Canada

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