Posterous has been acquired by Twitter!!!!!

This is one of the greatest days of my entire life.

It all started in 2007 when the iPhone was released.

The iPhone changed the world, and in an indirect way, it changed my life. The iPhone is what drove me to start Posterous, because I wanted an easier way to post my photos. And email was the perfect way to do it.

I still remember sitting on my couch in New York City, writing the first version of the product. It was simple, but so powerful that I decided to leave my dream job at Apple.

The past 4 years have been an incredible journey. Posterous took me from New York, to Boston, and then back to San Francisco.

During that time I learned how to create and ship products. I built and managed an incredible team of 21 people. I learned about all aspects of running a company including fundraising, legal, finance, HR, marketing, business development, office management, and more.

Why Twitter?

There is no better fit for Posterous than Twitter.

The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe.

Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who share our vision for making sharing simpler. Everyone is passionate, excited, and truly believes in the product and the leadership.

Apple and Twitter have a lot in common: a great sense of product and design, amazing leadership, phenomenal growth, and a great culture. Of all the places I could imagine working, Twitter ranks the highest. (Think about how much I would hate working at Google!)

It’s fitting to be going to the only company Apple chooses to integrate deeply with. Apple has definitely picked a side in social networking, and it’s Twitter.

I’m happy to be at a company based in San Francisco. And in fact, the new Twitter offices are just *2 blocks* from my house. It couldn’t get any better than that.

And I’ll get to work with my good friends from BackType, who were acquired by Twitter last year.

Over the past four years I’ve worn many hats. And I’ve enjoyed them all. But I have found that product is where my passion is.

I’m incredibly thrilled to be joining Twitter as a Product Manager. I’ll be working for @satyap and indirectly with @jack to make Twitter an even more awesome product. And I’ll be able to focus on product, without also worrying about running the company.

For me, working at Apple wasn’t just a job. It meant being part of a company and brand I believe in passionately. I see Twitter the same way. Twitter is something I use and love every day, and depend on. The product is a part of my life, and now the company is too.

Let the journey begin. Again.

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  1. I am scared that things will change in a bad way. While I see Twitter and Posterous as excellent companies and products individually, I just don’t see tech acquisitions or acquisitions in general being good for customers, employees, and most people. I guess I have too much empirical experience seeing the opposite happen. Hopefully this new brew will buck that trend and show other companies how to get it done. Good luck and please remember….

  2. It looks like you made a good deal with Twitter over Posterous future. Well, I’m completely satisfied with Posterous and its amazing service. I use it for personal blogging and classroom interactions (I use both Posterous Space and Group). I love the freedom of sharing photos, videos, and docs without hassle. It’s great to see you back with Apple through Twitter. Keep looking forward from great things from you.

  3. Congratulations!!Just one question: it the email from eNomCentral Posterous customer domain access from your new eNomCentral Accountlegitimate or not.

  4. <html><head></head><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Michael, it is legitimate. You can manage your domain directly through them now. Thanks<br><br><span class="Apple-style-span" style="-webkit-composition-fill-color: rgba(175, 192, 227, 0.231373); -webkit-composition-frame-color: rgba(77, 128, 180, 0.231373); ">Sent from my iPhone</span></div><div><br></div></body></html>

  5. I was in the middle of posting my blog when I received an e-mail notification that the merger had taken place. When I did,the post the entire system Crashed and I lost all of my posts for the last six month. I have sent in four e-mails asking for help and have received nothing. Any suggestions? I am at my wits end.

  6. Sounds great for you guys… congrats! But the faq sounds terrible for posterous users! Where would you suggest we move our blogs before what seems to be the inevitable shutdown of posterous? Or if it isn’t that way, why does the acquisition faq sound so ominous? Please tell us more!

  7. Posterous is an exceptional and user friendly product. It would be unwise to change it. Enhance to be truly competitive is the best course of action for Twitter as the new owner.Well, I can only hope that my blogs will be there to read when I login.Don’t fix it when ain’t broken !!!

  8. Hi- I’ve been emailing the support link for help RE the 100MB limit for a few weeks and haven’t gotten any replies. Does anyone do support anymore? Trying to figure out if there is a way to increase my total allowed uploads for the preschool blog I started to share photos/narrative with families of children I teach. Love the interface/look/functionality but not feeling the 100mb limit! help! thanks,

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