I will never shop at West Elm again. /cc @westelm

When I moved to New York about five years ago, I bought almost all my furniture from West Elm. It was a step up from Ikea (or so I thought).

Last month Kate and I decided to get another dresser here in SF, and bought it from West Elm so it would match the rest of our stuff.

What a disaster.

The first time it was delivered, I immediately noted that it wasn’t in a box and didn’t have ANY protection around it. It was raw wood on a dolly. Not surprisingly it had some light damage on it, and it was missing a leg.

Customer service never contacted me, but after a couple of tweets I got an email.

Three weeks later another dresser came to us, in equally bad shape. It didn’t have any wrapping on it, so it had scuff marks and tiny chips in the wood. One of the drawers was stuck.

The delivery guy was carrying a “wood colored” marker and actually colored in a dent mark right in front of me. I was shocked when I saw this.

It’s clear when comparing this new dresser to our old one that West Elm switched manufacturers, in favor of someone with lower quality standards.

More emails with customer service but it’s been painful. They just don’t seem to care. No one has called me. Email response times are multiple days. I have been offered a 50% refund but no option to get a fully functional dresser in my home.

I understand that West Elm is the cheaper arm of Pottery Barn, but at some point you just can’t keep cutting corners. West Elm furniture if no better than Ikea. But I at least expected that the service would be better.


(This isn’t the worst of it)

For the record, I have given West Elm over a month to resolve this issue on their own.


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