I love digital photography. Whether it’s with my DSLR or my iPhone, I take a lot of photos. And sharing these photos online is why I started Posterous.

But I miss prints. I miss photos on the refrigerator. I miss photo books. And most of all I miss sending prints to friends and family.

And that’s why I love Sincerely. They are bringing back the physical aspect of photography. Right from your iPhone, you can send physical prints to yourself and others.

It makes PERFECT sense. My iPhone is my camera, it’s my address book, and it’s a way to pay for things. It has all the elements you need to send prints in seconds.

Sincerely launched a new app today called Dotti. Dotti mimics a disposable camera. You take 12 photos, and then “develop” the roll for $5. Sincerely is doing a great job of adding beautiful interfaces on top of their apps.

Check them out!

Feature request: I’m still looking for a Sincerely app that sends 100% standard postcards: full bleed 4×6 on one side, and typical postcard layout on the back. Does this exist?



  1. "Sincerely is doing a great job of adding beautiful interfaces on top of their apps."I can’t agree here; the UI for this Dotti app is just horrific…

  2. Few days ago I heard a lady was nagging about good old times when she could take photo album in her lap and enjoy memories… Now all photos of her grand children lay on different computers, gadgets, external drives and so on. And if she wants to her grand child’s first school day her daughter doesn’t have time to search for particular folder of files…I believe digital era took away small but important part of humanity from us. The app you presented could be of some help to get it back.

  3. Sachin, load up your HP internet-connected printer with postcard photo paper. Snap your image, edit, and send to the printer from anywhere. ken5m1th

  4. Kenneth, you’re totally missing the point. I want to have pictures mailed to my family, not to have my photos printed at home while I’m out. Sincerely is really, really awesome. Just sent a postagram to my parents today.

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