We blink two-thirds less often when we’re looking at a computer screen

If you work in an office, chances are you’ve experienced eye irritation, including eyestrain, dry eyes, burning, and light sensitivity. While there are many contributing factors to “tired eyes”, the most important cause is that we actually blink two-thirds less often when we’re looking at a computer screen. Since blinking is how our eyes keep themselves moist, that’s a significant problem.

Other contributing factors include the fact that most of us open our eyes wider to look at computer screens, thereby worsening the dry feeling in our eyes. Extremely bright lighting in your office and an improperly set-up computer monitor can also cause irritation and strain on your eyes.

Working at a startup takes a toll on your body. Weight gain, lack of sleep, stress, carpal tunnel, and more.

My latest affliction is tired and irritated eyes. I thought I was just sleepy but I’ve been sleeping a lot. Going to try visine and see if that helps.


  1. If Visine doesn’t work for you, Sachin, there are other products that may be better. Refresh Optive and Systane Ultra are good ones. They have preservatives so you don’t want to use them more than 4 X/day. Systane also makes a preservative-free product that you can use 100 X/day if you want. These drops come in small single-use vials. Good luck.

  2. my eye dr recommends Systane ultra drops…OTC….definitely worth a try…I have some here if you want to try them out over Holidays .

  3. Systane ultra all the way! My optometrist told me to never use visine. It has the opposite effect long term. You can get Systane ultra in a 2 bottle pack at Costco.

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