Android steals from iOS

[Google Engineer] Morrill said. “The problem is that there is no good UI for it. One of the core Android principles is that you never need a file manager. Ever. We wanted to avoid the obnoxious ‘sneeze and a file picker appears’ syndrome of basically every other OS. Local data that apps know how to handle should just be magically available within the apps, or stored in the cloud. You shouldn’t have to go spelunking on your SD card to find data.”


You’re claiming that file managers go against a core Android principal. Yet almost every Android phone produced has one.

The iPhone hasn’t had a file manager since day one. It has never had an SD card slot even when users asked for it. They made that choice for a reason, and it led to a simpler phone.

I don’t mind if you steal ideas from other companies, but don’t pretend that was your intention all along.


  1. Long time back, Don Norman talked about using "document" instead of a "file". The file is an instantiation (how to) of a logical concept of a document. It doesn’t fit well with people’s mental model. When I saw iOS for the first time, I was happy to see that the file system is not exposed at all. What users really want is to be able to work with the documents, pictures, videos etc. and not care about how and where they are stored.I am hoping that the word "sync" goes away as well. Users don’t necessarily want to sync. It’s a lazy implementation on a vendor’s side to make users perform that technical task.

  2. Are the square brackets here your insertions? If not then I think you’re being slightly disingenuous. I would read the text as the Android guy saying how Apple has it right and that they want to follow.I would dispute that most Android phones have a file manager. Mine doesn’t. Strangely enough I did download one as I was recommended to, but I have never used it!i think we’re all agreed that iOS has many good features (UI & otherwise) which have been copied, this is how the world works, much like the new drag down notification area of iOS 5.

  3. "except iOS" was inserted by the source i quoted from. I will remove it.Ian, what phone do you have? I suspect some of the very new phones don’t have a file browser, but I believe over the past couple years, most have.

  4. If the Android guy didn’t mention iOS, then I can see he could be trying to take credit for something that isn’t his/Google’s idea.I have an HTC Wildfire (the old one, not the new ‘S’), and have never needed a file manager. maybe I’m not a typical Android user?

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