Posterous is hiring iOS and Android engineers

I started Posterous in 2008 because I wanted to make it easier for normal people to share safely online. Posting and reading content on Posterous is as simple as email.

With the launch of Posterous Spaces, the bar is raised again. We’re letting people share on the internet the same way they share in real life, through intuitive controls and simple privacy.

Posterous already has iPhone and Android apps in the market. But we’re not done. Mobile is the future. And we’re betting big.

We’re hiring iOS, Android, and HTML5 engineers to make Posterous the easiest way to share on all platforms.

Posterous has millions of users, and is a brand people trust. Come help us make it even bigger.

What you get at Posterous:

  • Huge impact. We’re a small team, we move fast, and everyone helps define the product.
  • Deploy code on your first day, and every day, that touches millions of people.
  • Amazing team. We have a strong group of engineers and designers.
  • Fun work environment with a belief in work/life balance.
  • Beautiful Mission office. We cater lunches, but there’s no shortage of places to walk to.
  • Scale. We’re one of the largest Rails sites out there, and we break most tools we use. We have tough problems to solve.
  • Salary, equity, and other benefits.

At Posterous you’ll have the chance to work in many different parts of the product and company. We’ll keep you challenged and excited.

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