iTunes Match and Siri: a match made in heaven

This week Apple released iTunes Match. iTunes Match scans your iTunes library and makes all your music available over the internet. Just seconds after the scanning had completed on my iMac, my iPhone showed my entire 8,000 song music library. Amazing.

My favorite aspect of the original iPod was that it held all your music. I didn’t have to think about what to sync. I didn’t have to think about what I could play. I always had everything. With the iPod Nano and iPhone, managing music became a pain.

Yesterday while driving to Palo Alto, I tested Siri and iTunes Match. “Shuffle songs by Smashing Pumpkins.” A few seconds later, music started playing. But here’s the amazing part: my phone didn’t have Smashing Pumpkins on it! The music was streaming from iCloud.

iTunes Match and Siri means I don’t have to think as much anymore. I don’t have to worry about syncing music. I don’t have to worry about how to control an interface while driving.

While it may seem like this is making us lazier (it is), it’s also making us more powerful. Building great products isn’t about adding complexity, it’s about adding simplicity. Technology like this is  approachable by more people. And it’s magical.



  1. Well, not *streaming*, right? Downloaded in the background, and playing as soon as there was (likely) enough loaded so as to prevent buffering.I recently rented car that had iPod support. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play anything that wasn’t already downloaded. Siri would have solved the problem for me, and that’s nothing less than a great thing.

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