My Memories of Apple

I’ve been a fanboy for almost 20 years now. I fought for Apple when no one believed in the company, and I was lucky to have spent time on the inside.

Apple isn’t just a company I love, it’s a part of who I am.

Apple is not gone, but it won’t be the same without Steve. It’s his DNA that made me fall in love. These past few weeks, I couldn’t help but remember all the great times I had with the company.

I’m sure Apple has a long history ahead of it, and I hope many more great memories to come.

1992 – My first Mac

I remember waking up one morning to find a strange man setting up a Mac LC II in my room. I don’t know who he was or why we chose to buy an Apple computer, but on that day, history was made.

CompUSA volunteer

When OS 8.5 was released, Apple called for volunteers to work at CompUSA and help sell Macs. Free labor, talk about fanboys! I did get this free shirt.


On staff

Ok, this isn’t a specific memory. But through junior high, high school, and college, I help various staff positions because of my Apple expertise/nerdiness. In high school I was on yearbook staff as the computer guy, helping with desktop publishing.

And in college I took care of the cluster computers in the dorms, which allowed me to skip the housing draw every year and live in awesome houses.

Steve Keynote, Macworld 1999

This is the first keynote I remember watching. I think being at Stanford was the first time I had an internet connection that allowed this.

Seybold, 2000

The first time I saw Steve live, on stage.


2001, Woz

Woz was giving a guest lecture at a class I wasn’t taking. Eric and I dropped in and got to meet the legend.


First person in the Palo Alto Apple store

I stood/slept in line for 21 hours to be the first customer in the Apple Store on University Avenue. One of the greatest experiences of my life. I got to meet the entire Apple executive team, including Steve himself.


Apple Store, Stanford

To pay off my college loans and car loan, I bought Macs from the bookstore and sold them on eBay. This consumed my life for about 3 weeks.


Interview at Apple

I parked next to Steve when I went for my first interview.


Internship offer

I got my internship offer on the phone while I was driving around campus loop. I remember negotiating it against a better offer from Handspring. Apple didn’t budge, but I took their offer anyway.

Full time offer

I clearly remember pacing back and forth in my room at Bob House when I got this offer. I was negotiating against a better offer from Amazon, and Apple did match it this time.

Original iPod announcement

I was in Town Hall watching Steve Jobs unveil the very first iPod. The room was for press only but they had a few empty seats and I was at the right place at the right time. It was a great presentation, but no one knew what the iPod would do to Apple. You can see me in the intro video at 5:30.

WWDC 2004 with Jimmy Eat World on campus

The only year I was able to attend most of WWDC. I loved the party we had on campus each year, and I love Jimmy Eat World.


iPhone announcement

I watched the iPhone announcement live via webcast from Apple’s offices on the 50th floor of the Citigroup building. I don’t think there was ever a presentation with more gasps and amazement. Unlike the iPod unveiling, this time you knew this device was going to change the world.


I’m lucky to be surrounded by Apple fanboys just like me. During Apple keynotes, the entire company gets around a conference table and watches the magic together.



  1. Don’t leave us hanging here: why did a strange guy come into your room and 1992, install a computer and leave? This sound unusual even for California? šŸ™‚

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