A great @delta experience

Flying sucks. Everyone has horror stories of flight delays, security issues, and terrible service.

But when I look back, I realize that OVERALL, Delta has been really good to me. By far my worst experiences have been on United.

People say I rant a lot on my blog. So here’s a good Delta story.

On our way to London, we had a layover at JFK. The flight left SFO on time and landed in JFK on time. But JFK had a lot of traffic on the runway and it took us 1 hour to reach the gate. We had a 1 hour layover until our flight to London. Crap.

We ran. Sprinted. And got to the gate about 2 minutes before the flight was scheduled to leave, but also 2 minutes after they had closed the door. What a way to start our vacation.

The person working the desk made a call, and a few more passengers from our first flight waited alongside us. “We are going to reopen the doors and let you on.” Wow. Unheard of.

So they opened the gate door, and the now 10 of us made our way down the airplane ramp. When we got to the plane, the airplane door was closed. Shit.

We knocked. I’m not even joking. We could look through the small window and see flight attendents inside. It felt like we were in Lost and had discovered the hatch door.


Eventually the door hissed and opened, kind of like the door on the DeLorean in Back to the Future. And we were on the plane!

The other passengers seemed confused, and also disgruntled that there was a delay.

The flight attendants asked us what had happened and where we had come from. They had never seen anything like this happen before. They were all scared someone would open the door from the outside and trigger the evacuation slide.

Thanks, Delta, for letting us get on that flight and for a great start to our vacation.


  1. Interesting. Agree on about United. Haven’t flown Delta in a while, but recently flew American Airlines. We were seated with a bit of a delay, attendants had just shut the door. Captain came on and said the 5 more people were en route the gate, and the attendants reopened the door. They people got on a minute later, and we left without further trouble.I would have enjoyed knocking on the plane door though.

  2. That’s the opposite of what happened to me on Frontier last year. Frontier *did* make up for it with a $200 gift certificate, though.

  3. Yes, they are connecting to Sydney Australia & with all Quantas’s strikes etc they would be getting more customers. I don’t fly, or travel over seas.. Great Blog though.

  4. You know I had something similar happen in Atlanta. I got to the gate out of breath after running from what felt like another zip code. The woman made a call, entered a code to open the door, and told me to go! It was Delta.

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