Bitters are the glue that hold a cocktail together


“It’s almost like glue that holds a cocktail together,” said Philip Ward, the head bartender at Death & Co., in the East Village, where 17 of the 37 house drinks include bitters. “Add a dash, and the other three or four ingredients in the cocktail are in some way going to be able to relate with at least one or two things in the bitters.”

I got into cocktails when I lived in New York, and Death & Co. was one of my favorite spots.

Wine is known to be complex and “snobby” but recently I’ve been having a great time trying Manhattans with different whiskeys, vermouths, and bitters.

Any recommendations for making a great Manhattan?


  1. I prefer my Manhattans with Peychaud’s Bitters.They’re hard to find locally, but a great excuse for a visit to New Orleans. Or you can just order off the internet, but what fun is that?

  2. Bevmo actually carries peychaud’s now.As for making a good Manhattan, I’d suggest making an old-fashioned instead 😀

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