Apple wants to kill windows and chrome

Whether you used Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, the 80s and 90s were all about using different windows to manage applications and documents.

When window management became too much for people, tab support made its way into the applications we use most.

Apple’s early attempts at solving these problems were with Spaces and Expose. But these solutions actually increased cognitive load. Which Space is my app in? How do I get there? These features may have allowed pro users to navigate more quickly, but it left normal users even more confused and lost.

Mission Control has made Spaces and Expose a lot easier to use, but I still think it’s a pro trick. For normal users, Apple finally got it right with full screen apps, auto save, Now, Apple is pioneering the next generation of application management and context switching: full screen apps. Initially, it sounds like a step backwards. Multiple apps and multiple documents side by side was a feature a few years ago. But management 

As Google continues to bet on web based apps, and Apple continues its assault with native apps and App stores, it’s clear these two companies have very different views on how we should be using computers.

Apple’s latest operating system, Lion, takes the desktop OS and makes it work more like the iPhone: highlighting the native app experience with full screen mode, autosave, and more.


and i don’t mean the OS/browser

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