BillGuard will track hidden fees and billing errors on credit card bills

My Mom meticulously scans every credit card, cable or cell phone bill to ensure that no errors have been made or hidden fees have been issued. I, on the other hand, don’t have the time or the patience to do this. And I’m sure along the line, I’ve been overcharged or scammed in some way. BillGuard, a startup launching to the public today at TechCrunch Disrupt, aims to alert users of unwanted charges such as hidden fees, billing errors, scams and fraud on credit card bills.

I meticulously check every credit card and bank statement I receive. I do the same for Posterous. I save receipts. I make sure I’m charged what I think I should be charged.

The biggest culprits for fraudulent charges?

  • Banking fees by Bank of America
  • San Francisco taxis (the ones that run your card through an old style imprint machine)

While I’d love to say I think everyone should check their statements this carefully, I know it’s unreasonable. It’s a total pain in the ass.

That’s why I’m looking forward to BillGuard. It won’t stop me from checking my statements line by line (I’m that crazy), hopefully it will help most consumers save some money from crooks.

My only concern is it might give people a false sense of security, so they worry about their charges even less.

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