I just got @webpass internet at home. What would you do with a 100 Mbps symmetrical internet connection?

Incredibly, the bottleneck in my internet conncetion now is my (new-ish) 802.11n Airport Extreme router. I guess it’s time to go back to ethernet!



Webpass with my Airport Extreme:


Webpass when using direct ethernet:


The best part about getting Webpass isn’t the speed. It’s being able to call Comcast to tell them to cancel service. Every dollar I can avoid giving Comcast is a win.

Webpass costs $400 per year, so about $33 per month. $400 flat, no taxes or other fees. And it includes amazing customer service.


  1. This is pretty phenomenal – puts university connections to shame! (I have 11 Mbps symmetric over Wifi in my lab at MIT).I suspect that your bottleneck is not your router, but most Internet webservers!

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