Congrats to my friends on the Final Cut Pro team on their monumental release!

Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X video editing software has been “rebuilt from the ground up” for the Mac OS X “Snow Leopard operating system and is “as revolutionary as the first version of Final Cut Pro was when introduced in 1999,” the company boasted Tuesday at an unveiling of the software suite in Las Vegas.

The latest version of Final Cut Pro is a 64-bit application that will have Apple rivals Adobe and Avid “in a race for second place,” said Peter Steinauer, Apple’s senior video applications engineer and the architect of Final Cut Pro X, according to sources at the NAB Show’s SuperMeet event.

I spent 6 years on Final Cut Pro. I know very few people who have stayed at one company for that long, let alone one product.

Why did I do it? I was working with the best. I loved the product, loved the people, and I was challenged every day with big engineering problems.

But the current team went a step further. They revolutionized video editing once again, 12 years after the first FCP release. They rebuilt the app from the ground up. Few teams get the opportunity to do that.

Congrats to all my friends over at Apple. I use Final Cut Pro more today than I did when I was an employee (other than development time). I can’t wait to use the new version.


Live blog of the release event is here:…

Update: Video of the release.


  1. I’m hoping they release this on the App store so I can put it on 2-3 Macs. Aperture sold me on the App store.

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