Kate and I have a new favorite everyday wine, the Villicana Cuvee from Paso Robles


Last year Kate and I went down to San Luis Obispo to visit my dad, and we made a side trip to do some wine tasting in Paso Robles.

We were heading to a winery that someone had recommended to us (I can’t remember which one) but we got lost. Eventually we decided to stop at the next winery we saw. Randomly we found ourselves at Villicana Winery, and we LOVED it. We walked out with a case.

Right now they are having an amazing deal on their 2007 Estate Winemaker’s Cuvee. This bottle is normally $24 but right now it’s $144 for a case. That’s only $12 each!

This is about as good a wine as you’re going to get at that price. So we just bought a bunch:


Total production on this wine was only 300 cases. Between what Kate and I bought, and the case I bought for the office, we purchased more than 1% of the entire run.

I highly recommend Villicana. Visit the winery down in Paso, or buy their wine here.


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