1. Hey Sachin, hello from near Cartaya (Huelva Province in the Gulf of Cadiz), Spain. I went into Posterous this morning and let you know that I will sign up for an account later on. Congratulations!, you guys make Internet more fresh! Listen, I have a web site using customized Yahoo tools and all ways wanted to redesign for better, simple and easy web site. I am a globetrotter. Walked and pedaled on and off for the last 17 years, completed almost 100,000 Km mainly in Europe and the three Americas. Summer time is for travelling. Winter is for writing and editing my clips without much discipline to be honest. I have officially no home no money. Therefore, I change food and roof for work in order to have place to live in winter time. And I’m OK with this lifestyle for now. Lots of people coming to my street shows, which basically is talking about how good is to use the bicycle for long trip or just commute urban, and so. Sometimes I get sponsorship in various way and got everyday helps from locals, authorities, etc. It’s a nomadic life proudly living in the middle of the so called global economic crisis. The less is the needs, the better the World could be. Simple means not necessarily easy. But the tendency of complicating things is reduced to the minimum. Right now I am in the process to put together my writings (poems, anecdotes, etc) before set up a new foot and bike trip starting beginning early April, here around southwestern Spain. When you open my site http://www.omarglobal.com , go to the bottom and will find two a two pages of the recent newspaper report about my trip, in English. Please read. So, why I am telling you all this. Well, I thinking to improve my site in a way and also thinking to do something for a better World with people like you and your team. Maybe a brand new site or blog set up from California, where you are, in order to promote Posterous in Spanish language or English and promote the idea of travelling or post photos and videos in a nice template or whatever could coming in our mind. Walk together, think globally. I am a Canadian citizen with a Paraguayan background. Next March I will turn 47. I am open minded and spoke 6 languages. My perspective is global. Anyways (sorry if I bothering you with this long comment), as I said, I going to set up a account in Posterous today. If you thinking to use my activity as a developing project, see, as a simple way, please contact me. Meanwhile, I wish you a Happy Day.Regards,Omar Ruiz-Diaz http://www.omarglobal.com+34 665 547 031 > this is a Spanish mobile phone number.

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