Survey Claims 26% of AT&T iPhone Customers Planning to Switch to Verizon

That metric was even higher among AT&T’s iPhone customers, with 26% of them saying they would leave AT&T for a Verizon iPhone. While most AT&T iPhone customers are currently tied into long-term contracts, many of them are apparently ready to jump ship anyway, with 41% of those planning to switch saying they will do so within the first three months of Verizon iPhone availability and an additional 31% doing so within a year.

I’d love to ditch AT&T but I’m on a family plan with each of us on a two year contract.

How many people are willing to part with $175 to switch? Actually, given how horrible AT&T is in SF, maybe a lot.

Now the question is, will Verizon also crumble under the new load?


  1. Sticking with AT&T. Luckily I have great service in my area and in five years have never experienced the troubles I hear about from others.

  2. I’m one of the 74% that is sticking with AT&T. A couple of reasons: a) I really haven’t had a problem with signal strength for phone calls and b) I like AT&T’s customer service. Believe it or not, I’ve actually had a couple of experiences with AT&T customer service and both times it was a good experience. I’ve also had few problems with being able to make a phone call or get my e-mail. Sure. There are a few places where signal strength is weak but the same is true for Verizon.Maybe it’s because I’m in the Metro DC area and AT&T needs to make sure the regulators and lawmakers are happy. Although most of the Federal Government uses the Blackberry. I welcome the competition because it’ll force AT&T to get better and may have a positive effect on pricing. One can only hope!

  3. We will probably stay with AT&T. It’s hard to give up paying $50/month for two iPhones on a family plan. Maybe the 26% that plan to leave will free up the network and allow for better service in densely populated areas. Fingers crossed.

  4. I was on AT&T with an iPhone in Brooklyn and my contract expired in September of last year. I wouldn’t "jump ship" to Verizon just yet for a few reason:1. Will Verizon’s famed network survive the weight of data hungry iPhone netizens? I don’t know. 2. Plus they are offering unlimited data and the option to turn the phone into a MyFi(Personal Wifi). that’s either very ambitious(super confident in their network) or very stupid cause that is just asking for trouble from iPhone users. Hopefully they get the 85% that don’t use the web much.3. Their plans are $10 more4. It’s a CDMA phone, so not supported outside the US, so no use to international travelers5. No talking while you surf the web (Deal Killer for me)All in all I’d wait and see, let the hype Verizon show and prove that they can handle. AT&T is not perfect but they took on a massive challenge and probably learned lessons that Verizon will now be grappling with. Plus, their customer service is pretty good, or at least it was for me. My two cents.

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